roost house

Research project that focuses on the individual heterotopia* house.
It’s designed like a privileged place, cut of the civilisation contact. Located in a landscape far from the human activity, the house’s high level gives it the independence and appears to float in the air. From an exterior view, the stair access to the house is not visible which strengthens the utopic space notion. It looks like a ship in open sea isolated from the world, face to face with the elements and nature. The Roost House as a function compared to the other urban spaces is a space of illusion and tranquility. From the inside, the rising house and the wide open windows give an impression of unreal landscape. The research is focused on the individual house with all the new energy and environmental problems. It’s powered by solar panels, wind turbines and sun exposure.The house is environmentally friendly with a global wood cover which subtly integrates it with the surrounding nature. The “Roost house” core is built on references that I really care about and is in complete harmonistaion with the individual and roost concept I wanted to push forward.

Heteropia : Concept built up by Michel Foucault, which defines heterotopia like a physic utopic located place.

Shooted in Scotland by Alexis Raimbault.

Featured on Dezeen, Phaidon, Vogue, The Sunday Times

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