Trilobe watch

Trilobe asked me to create a film about their latest watch edition ‘‘Secret’’.
The main idea was to merge the univers of the mechanical parts being connected with moment and places engraved on the the frame.
‘‘The starry sky is a freeze frame for a selected point in life:
a delicate way of entrusting its receiver with a powerful message of love, a happy memory, a life project, an open secret, for an intimate creation.
Each dial is personalized and made bespoke: a map of the sky with the stars from the day, time and place that are dear to you, thus, making each watch a unique piece. A subtle way to free time, from a happy or promising moment, and to freeze it for eternity.’’

Production : Rucabata Studio
Design and Direction : Benoit Challand
3D and Animation : Benoit Challand, Thierry Schlegel
Sound by Lecomte de Brégeot

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